About Us
About Our Company
Emanacus Business Group (EBG) was brought into fruition
to establish a high standard for technological innovations for
today’s world. EBG started by providing computer,
multimedia, and telephony services to a market that seeks
technological innovations with personnel who can explain a
technical piece of equipment to a non-technical audience.

EBG was started to service warranty items. Those items
serviced included computers (PC’s) and LCD televisions. The
focus was to move to servicing school districts, universities
and other public and private entities with technical
consultation, project management and network installations
which include; computer networks, videoconferencing
system installations, and telecommunications and a greater
focus to service state and federal government entities and
corporations providing Service Management consultation
using ITIL principles, computer and video installations and
data storage.
The customer's
requests are supplied
and they are
therefore satisfied.
We satisfy our
customers by
supplying their needs.
Customers play an
important part by
supplying their wants
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